Personal Training

$40 per/session

Free One-on-One session with first membership purchase.

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One-on-One First Workout

So you want to work out. What do you do?

Do you do a little cardio, run through a few weight machines, do a few crunches, stretch briefly, and head home?

The no-brainer workout only works in the beginning. Isn't it time for real change? Mix it up with free weights, kettlebells, balance exercises, suitable core exercises, and meaningful stretching.

When you join, make an appointment to let us design a workout program just for you, being mindful of your schedule, your limitations and your comfort level. Target different muscle groups and avoid fatigue with multiple workouts to choose from.

Alpine Fitness creates custom and easy to follow workout cards, with pictures of each exercise.

It's a no-brainer, done the right way.