New Self-Access Program

$30 per renewal with a membership

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More hours available for self Access members

Starting in July 2021, Alpine Fitness Gym will offer front door self-access to registered members only. Access will cost members an additional $30 per renewal period. Self-access members will use their smartphones to enter and exit the gym during unstaffed time periods. This will tell us who is in the gym and how many members are present. Cameras will monitor the entry and both workout areas. A contract will be signed outlining the dos and don'ts associated with this privilege. New Alpine Fitness members will be required to train during All-Access Hours prior to being given self-access privileges. Alpine Fitness Gym LLC is a private gym and we reserve the right to give access only to those who will follow the rules, respect others, respect our gym, and prove to us they know how to train safely.

Self-Access Hours

  • Mon - Fri

    6am - 9pm

  • Sat - Sun

    8am - 12pm

Staffed Hours

  • Mon - Fri

    7:30am - 11am

  • 3:30pm - 7pm

  • Saturday

    9am - 11am

  • Sunday